There are two different Guilds that the player will encounter in the game. Abundance and Aurora


Abundance is the oldest of the water companies, and was set up shortly after the Turmoil by the survivors of a group of hydro-engineers sent to the enclaves by the ONM (Organization of Nations on Mars). They were assigned to manage the exploitation of the water resources and to supply water to the various industrial and human complexes. After the great catastrophe, Abundance's sole objective was to enable the colonists to survive by ensuring water reached the maximum number of enclaves. This meant continuing ONM's mission in any way possible, despite having lost contact with Earth.

But during the long period of chaos following the Turmoil, the founders of Abundance began to realize the extent of their power in the new Martian society. Convinced that their way of doing things was the best and only way, they learned to use water as a blackmailing tool to crush the opposition. Thus Abundance gradually moved away from its original benevolent corporate structure and became an enlightened dictatorship, eventually turning into a consortium that was as despotic as it was monolithic.

Officially Abundance is still the company dedicated to serving those who need the most help… only now it makes sure everyone understands they can't do without its services.


Aurora is the newest of the large water companies. It was originally a small confederation of independent water researchers; pioneers. Aurora's founders were hoping to discover new sources of water to break the cycle imposed by the other companies by redeveloping pre-turmoil technologies and exploring unoccupied zones. But the decline in technology and the punishing Martian sun called a halt to thei ambitions, forcing Aurora's dowsers, after some initial minor successes, to enter into permanent conflict with the other companies for the known sources.

Aurora is still very different from the other comapnies both in its philosophy and its often audacious political and military tactics. This company operates using mysticism and faith that stems from its keen interest in the pre-turmoil era and its often hopeless attempts at exploration. This religious ideal is so entrenched in their philosoph, that each newborn receives a "virtue name" that is designed to guide their entire existence. The cult and rituals are all-pervading, more so in recent times, and have infiltrated the highest echelons of power where the Technomancers are established. Their size in terms of both numbers and power not only enables the company to compete with others, but also ensures the company's future dominance.