Innocence Smith

Innocence Smith

A young recruit in Aurora's army, Innocence was captured by Abundance and sent to Camp 19, where he meets Roy. Deeply affected by the war, particularly by the first person he killed, this traumatized child will rediscover hope and zest for life when he encounters Roy, who becomes both his role model and mentor. He Decides to keep a Journal detailing his adventures with Roy.

Camp 19Edit

Innocence has a run in with Fatso in the Sand Pit when he first arrives at Camp 19, he is rescued by Roy, who then enlists his aid in escaping from the camp.


When Roy and Innocence arrive at Shadowlair, Innocence suggests heading to his parents' shop. However, the pair come across the ruins of the shop, prompting Innocence to search for answers through the Resistance.  Feeling left with no other option, Innocence joins the Resistance, initially serving as a courier for the Resistance forces until a fateful raid on a prison train that resulted in his captivity.


Depending on Roy's choices during the Quest Choose a Side joining the Resistance, or Honour Grant's cell, Innocence may live or die. If Roy were to choose the former, Innocence will be executed by a firing squad along with a few other prisoners while Roy and the Resistance members watch horrified. If Roy were to choose the latter, Honour Grant manages to discreetly release Innocence from captivity, and sentence Innocence to exile. Roy will later join Innocence shortly after raiding The Source during the epilogue.