An apprentice Technomancer with an eccentric appearance, Mary seems to live in a world of her own. She is clearly very fond of and admires her boss, Sean, and always tries hard not to disappoint him. She is soon intrigued by Roy's knowledge of pre-Turmoil technology and keeps a close eye on him.

Camp 19Edit

Mary is sent to investigate the pre-turmoil tunnels found by Roy in the Drilling Well.


After progressing in the storyline to the point where you meet the resistance in Seedy Bar there will be an explosion and you and Innocence Smith will part ways. Head towards the explosion which was in the inaccessable corridor between the Slums and Tierville. The door now missing you see Mary and two Aurora soldiers KO'd by her Overload. Search them now cause they dissappear. Then help Mary you will warp back to your bedroom and she'll wake up. You have to give her a health pack. Explain things about technomancers and your take on her new situation to her. No positive moral points for freeing her. She can now be a Companion.

Side QuestEdit

Electrical relationship: try to know more about Mary


Mary attacks solely with tecnomancy alternating between electric arc and shockwave. You will be struck by her shockwave if you are just behind or to the side of her as well as in the blast cone.